TJ Moonan

A few days ago, I told you that I would be making a blog post about the people these “false advocates” support at a later date.  TJ Moonan is a known pedophile.  John Astor was found with a pile of child porn, again, a known pedophile.  These are people who Sandy, Francesca and Punished for Protecting support.  They share their posts, they allow them all over their twitter pages for what reason?  I’m not sure.  I would have no clue as to why a “child advocate” would support known pedophiles.  It’s in direct contradiction to their cause, I would think.

John Anderson is a gentleman that I’ve mentioned a few times in this blog.  I’ve linked some of his videos.  Well, to call him a gentleman is maybe being a little too nice.  He’s definitely not politically correct, he swears more than I do, and I would exercise caution watching his videos around small children.  However, what I’ve gotten from watching several of his videos is that he’s a good guy who knows right from wrong.  He has worked for over a decade creating a name for himself by exposing pedophiles.  He makes a difference by using his voice.  So while he’s crass, I think he’s blunt, to the point and hilarious.  And he’s covered TJ Moonan before.  So I’m going to lazy blog for a minute and link his video, because I’m sure that he’s done a hell of a lot more research before doing his show than I have at this point.

I’m also going to link his write up about it, because again, I haven’t done the amount of research that he has done on this, so I’m sure he has more knowledge.  I have basically watched a bunch of youtube videos.  That’s all.

The allegations his daughter made about him are terrible.  And if, according to Sandy only 2% of children lie about sexual abuse.  If she is for the children as she claims, I find it puzzling that she has chosen to work closely with TJ Moonan, and to allow him freely into her “children advocacy group”.

Now, here is what I think is curious.  As soon as I mentioned that TJ Moonan was all over Punished 4 Protecting’s twitter account, he was off.  Luckily I have screenshots of it so that it won’t be in dispute.


Now why would Sandy Giesbrecht take him off the twitter if I’m full of shit?  I notice that he’s still on the P4P facebook group though.


This shows more the lack of research that an “advocate” such as Sandy will do to protect her members.   As long as what he says goes towards her general idea as to what her cause is, then that’s what she supports.  She doesn’t bother to do any research.  As long as he doesn’t ever disagree with her, whatever secrets he has will stay secret in her eyes.  And in his.   As an “advocate” TJ Moonan shouldn’t be afraid to answer questions about his life.  He should be willing to openly discuss such things if he’s an innocent person.  The problem is, if everything is out in the open, you can’t spin things to other people in different ways.  So most liars, Sandy included, do a lot of their lying behind the scenes.  In phone calls with people, in private messages.  Because that way you can spin an entirely different story to the next person.


And this is what TJ does too.   This is why you have to look into anyone you choose to trust on social media.  If you are putting your hope in someone, at the very least, google them.  The last thing you want is these false advocates to either have some sort of dirt that they will help destroy your lives with, or at the very worst be using you to get to your children.  Please put some thought into who you trust, and who you stand behind.  I am planning on putting together a blog post in the future as to how to look for a true advocate, on facebook or off, but that’s going to take some time to put together.


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