If you are an adult and have never behaved badly, I applaud you. I have, and have learned from my mistakes and moved on to be a happy, productive adult. I know other people who have done the same. It’s a part of growing up and figuring your life out.

This response is either from Fran or Sandy. After watching Sandy talk shit about her since her release from jail, Lorelei has had enough. This response is due to this comment from Lorelei

In that reply they are calling Lorelei obsessed and a loser. Because Sandy never talks about her you know. It simply does not happen.

If you haven’t already read Jim’s story part 2  She mentions Lorelei’s name so much that this meme appeared on Lorelei’s profile shortly after those posts were posted.

Now look at the comments she made about Lorelei in a conversation with one of the main Admins of Fathers Rights Alberta. At no time did he say where he got his information from regarding Sandy. She just assumed Lorelei and her ex.

Then there’s the public posts. I didn’t manage to get screenshots of them all unfortunately, but this is just a few when Sandy publicly talks bad about Lorelei. At this point Lorelei still had not responded.

So. I took Sandy’s advice. I’m not paying for a background check, because I’m cheap but I did a search.

Seems like she hasn’t committed a crime, or had any excitement since she got married.

Then in contrast there’s this.

For someone who screams defamation when people speak the truth, I think Lorelei may have a case for defamation here with all the half truths and outright lies Sandy tells.

Maybe she’ll have another court case to add to the pile.


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