A message to the Victims

Since I started writing, several of you have come to me.  You’ve come to me because you feel like your voice is now needed, and like you aren’t the only one.  I wasn’t really sure how long I was going to continue my blog, and I really didn’t expect recent victims of her behaviour to come to me to tell their stories.  I appreciate it, and know that I have to keep writing until every wrong she has committed has been righted, or until she is in jail.  I feel like it’s my duty since I started making everything public.

I actually didn’t expect her to burn her bridges so quickly.  When I made my blog public (January 3 – email blitz day) even though I started writing it in late December, I expected crickets, or a huge backlash in support of Sandy.  In some ways, I still do.  Which is why, as of now, I’m still keeping my identity private.

As much as I want to keep writing and continue to expose Sandy, I don’t need the backlash from her at this present time.  I may choose to become public later, but that choice will remain mine.  If you choose not to trust me because I’m protecting my ass, it’s ok.  It’s not my job to force you to do anything.  This isn’t even my job!  I consider it to be a PSA.

If you want to tell me your story, just for the sole reason of obtaining advice on how to press charges, or if you want me to give you the voice, either anonymously or with your name to tell your story (or any part of it you want told), please message the blog.  I will not hound you, I will not force you to tell your whole story, and I promise you, that before I post a smidge of your account, I will email you the blog post, and let you decide if I can post it.  I am not out to further victimize you, I’m here to attempt to start the healing.  And I have a further agenda of educating people so that less people will become victims to her outright manipulation and lies.

I’m here to tell you you’re not stupid.  I’m here to tell you that I understand why you fell for her lies.  And I’m here to assist in maybe bringing you some justice.


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