I have noticed recently a big increase in viewers of this blog.  And was wondering why…. But realized that facebook shares are an interesting thing.

When I started this blog I started it with no plan in mind really.  I started it hopeful that maybe one of the supporters would stumble across it and maybe not waste their time or money supporting her.  That was my hope.

My hope was to provide the truth, and an alternate way to view what she says, in order to show that she’s less than honest in everything she says.

My hope was that the people supporting her will allow her to hit rock bottom so that maybe she can get out of this state of mind that she’s been wronged, and start being the mother and co-parent her kids need.

Her kids would thrive with a healthy relationship with both parents.  At this point, she’s made this impossible.  My only hope, is that one day she will look at the 3 court decisions made against her.  One day she will look at the fact that she’s been arrested several times.  And that maybe one day she will stop poisoning her children’s minds and stop telling lies about others.

She needs to take a look at where she was in 2007, and what she’s become.

She needs to wake up and realize that when a police officer informs her that she’s violating a court order and could lose her children forever, that changing her last name on Facebook does not change the fact she’s still doing it.  Lying about her ex, and lying about anyone that disagrees with her, is not going to get her children back.  At this point I don’t think anything is going to get them back, because she refuses to see her awful behaviour as awful.


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