Fake News

The first indication that there was an issue with the two groups (to me) was a live feed by Sandy on Punished 4 Protecting.  She starts talking about how she’s been facing an attack by another group, a “father’s rights” group in Canada.  How they didn’t like her email letter (for more info on that read them on my earlier blog posts.   Essentially, she says that they were mad at her because she used the B.C. recent case, about the father that killed his girls.  They felt she also should have used one about a mother killing their kids, otherwise she was a “man-hating” group.   She said she’d spoken to one of the members for quite a while in private message until he got “too aggressive” for her liking, and then she blocked him.  Since then they have been attacking her by posting the media stories about her kidnapping her kids, and showing the link to one of her court decisions.


She says:  Don’t go there and comment, they’re going to assume you’re me anyways, and all the news is Fake News so if you have any questions about what happened, what they are posting is not true, don’t believe the media because Fake News and don’t believe the court decision because it’s wrong.  Though she was posting things about the BC case from the Court decision that wasn’t wrong.   She also states that she has a publication ban on her case right now, and anyone talking about it is going to get her in trouble with the law.  But Punished 4 Protecting needs to band together more than ever right now because Real Mothers of Canada is trying to rip them apart.


Real Mothers of Canada have done all that she has said.  Their point is why is this your leader of Punished 4 Protecting which is supposed to be about helping abused children, when she’s abused her children.  Why is she the leader when she ran into the police cruiser to try to escape when her children were in the car?  How was she punished 4 Protecting?

Reading that thread they had blocked a lot of comments.  The main ones they blocked are alias’s that are known to be hers apparently.  One of the ones mentioned was one of the ones I suspected.  Cass Kennedy.  She’s forever posting petitions to get Sandy’s children back or nasty memes about the father in her case.  Which is not helpful.


Now that I have posted about this “attack” AKA someone not liking Sandy Giesbrecht, I will post my thoughts on what she said.




We have a publication ban and if you post anything you are going to get me in trouble with the law = Certain things are banned from publication in her case, and therefore not available to the public.  She’s not supposed to post disparaging remarks about the father on social media, as per court order No. 1.  Neither is he, which he doesn’t.  There is no publication ban.  Any information that has been made public, and is still public like her court orders on Canlii can be published about.  And guess what?  If I was under a “publication ban” as she says, and say Joe Blow down the street commented something about my case, I would not get in trouble.  Do you know why?  Because I didn’t tell Joe Blow to comment.  The only way I would get in trouble, is if there was evidence that I told Joe to comment, and then he did.  That’s what would get me in shit.


Essentially, Sandy’s being dramatic because not everyone is agreeing with her.  Rightfully so.  They bring up a ton of good points.  They are in fact bringing up the same points I am by righting this blog.  Sandy is using people that are desperate for relief in their own situation, to further her agenda of attacking the father, making accusations about the father, to get her kids back with her.

Your antics didn’t work in court Sandy and they won’t work now.  It looks like there’s more people in the anti-Sandy army at this point.  You should probably step down as a leader against child abuse when you are the abuser.


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