My fear with the “Campaign”

Sandy is continuing her campaign, with wanton disregard for anyone else’s lives.  January 15, instead of the Human Rights Lawsuits, she’s now going forward with making a video to send in an email blitz, showing all the children and parents affected by Family Court in Canada.
There’s lots of problems with this.  Firstly, she’s encouraged anyone from anywhere to send a picture.  You don’t need to live in Canada.  So how is this an accurate representation of the Canadians affected?
The worst part about this is that she’s getting people that have more hope than her in getting their kids back, but have no knowledge of the law and are so desperate that they blindly are following, to break the law.  Legally, if your kid is still a part of Child Protection Proceedings, you can’t publically post their face, as that could identify a child in care.  It’s a public facebook page, and that’s breaking the law and could make these parents lose out on opportunities.

If you want to follow the crazy, that’s fine.  But please look into the laws people so you don’t fuck yourselves.


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