The Kidnapping and aftermath

On June 21, 2016, articles popped up.  M and J were missing as of June 20, 2016, and thought to be with their mother.  Police were able to share very limited information due to privacy laws, but shared that the kids accepted a ride from a party believed to be known to them in a small four-door vehicle and now it’s possible the children may be in the company of the mother.  The police tried unsuccessfully to contact the mother.

What she said in text messages came out to be true.  She abducted her kids, and after those detrimental court decisions and the text messages, the majority of the public were afraid we were never going to see those children alive again.

People who see their children as their property instead of humans are scary when they are faced with such the decisions of letting the children be happy with another parent, and not being involved.  Sandy snapped.  Which is terrifying when there are minors involved.

On June 25, 2016 Sandy and the kids were found.  They ended up driving into a park and hiding in bushes.  A wig was found in the car which shows that she had been hiding her identity.  Sandy was taken into custody and charged with two counts of abduction where there is no custody order.

She then remained in jail for 11 months.  Very shortly after she was released, the father got J back in his custody, and out of CFS.  M. still refuses to go as she’s so alienated by her mother.  I’m sure it didn’t help that she watched her mother get arrested.

Sandy tried for bail 3 times.  On the third time, May 24, 2017 it was accepted.  The trial was set to proceed in July.

On July 4, 2017 she fired her lawyer on the day of her trial and asked the judge to delay the case after her attempts to pursue several different kinds of legal tactics were dismissed.

Provincial court Judge refused to adjourn the trial, ordering it to continue with Sandy representing herself.  The move meant that trial would be slower, but obviously this judge was also annoyed with Sandy’s undue delays.  Also, there were some supreme court rulings discussing the need for a trial 18 months after the arrest, and was afraid undue delays could allow Sandy Giesbrecht to get off on a technicality.

Sandy has been fighting the charges against her by saying that Crown Attorneys have a conflict of interest and requesting a switch from a provincial Court trial to a jury trial.  Sandy knows that she’s manipulative and if she can manage to manipulate just one juror she would get off scott free.

The judge refused saying that appeals can’t be heard while the case is still underway.  The firing of her attorney was the last request for an adjournment.  Now that she’s out of jail all she wants is to delay trial.

There is nothing public about her trial since July 4.  I gather that because it’s involving minors, one of them still in agency care, there’s a publication ban.  I’m surprised that Sandy hasn’t discussed what’s going on on her Facebook group, but convictions and appeals is likely not something that would keep her audience.

How was this acting in your child’s best interests of your children Sandy?  How was getting arrested and having your children witness your awful actions beneficial to them?


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