A message to the Victims

Since I started writing, several of you have come to me.  You’ve come to me because you feel like your voice is now needed, and like you aren’t the only one.  I wasn’t really sure how long I was going to continue my blog, and I really didn’t expect recent victims of her behaviour to come to me to tell their stories.  I appreciate it, and know that I have to keep writing until every wrong she has committed has been righted, or until she is in jail.  I feel like it’s my duty since I started making everything public.

I actually didn’t expect her to burn her bridges so quickly.  When I made my blog public (January 3 – email blitz day) even though I started writing it in late December, I expected crickets, or a huge backlash in support of Sandy.  In some ways, I still do.  Which is why, as of now, I’m still keeping my identity private.

As much as I want to keep writing and continue to expose Sandy, I don’t need the backlash from her at this present time.  I may choose to become public later, but that choice will remain mine.  If you choose not to trust me because I’m protecting my ass, it’s ok.  It’s not my job to force you to do anything.  This isn’t even my job!  I consider it to be a PSA.

If you want to tell me your story, just for the sole reason of obtaining advice on how to press charges, or if you want me to give you the voice, either anonymously or with your name to tell your story (or any part of it you want told), please message the blog.  I will not hound you, I will not force you to tell your whole story, and I promise you, that before I post a smidge of your account, I will email you the blog post, and let you decide if I can post it.  I am not out to further victimize you, I’m here to attempt to start the healing.  And I have a further agenda of educating people so that less people will become victims to her outright manipulation and lies.

I’m here to tell you you’re not stupid.  I’m here to tell you that I understand why you fell for her lies.  And I’m here to assist in maybe bringing you some justice.

A message to Sandy

Since I began writing this blog I’ve had several recent victims approach me by emailing my blog.  I know that you’ve opted to use your new trusted title at your unregistered “organization” (much like your unlicensed daycare) to obtain donations and money from people who tried to get into your class-action lawsuit months ago, and who have felt you were a legitimate organization to donate to.

Lots of the people donating to you are people that don’t have adequate means to support themselves.  Lots of people contributing to the costs of the class action are people who don’t have the means to be taken for a ride.  You are targeting desperate people in an attempt to further your agenda and it needs to stop.

This blog is all about exposing your awful behaviour.  The fact that this behaviour is ongoing, and the fact that there was more going on behind the scenes is damaging to you.   2017 is over, when should we expect to see your accounting as to where the donations you’ve obtained in 2017 have gone?  As a charity accepting donations it’s up to you to make it public.  It’s your responsibility, unless you want to go to jail again.

I have stories that I will publish, once I’ve obtained all the evidence required and the permission from the victim to publish it.  I will obtain permission every step of the way and only publish the stories in the scope the victims would want me to.  I am not out to damage anyone further, after they’ve already been damaged by you.

You can stop all this.  You just need to do several things, and I will write a blog post about how you righted your wrongs and are back on the straight and narrow.  As long as you provide me with EVIDENCE (and I need a whole lot more than the evidence you showed the Court of Appeal) that you have been moving towards doing what I’ve asked, I will not publish anything about the current or recent victims.  I will not encourage the victims to go to the police and show evidence of your fraud.  Though I feel like that’s the route we are going, since I doubt you will agree to any of this.

The first thing I want you to do is issue a public apology on Facebook Live (your favourite past-time but this one wouldn’t be as fun).  You need to apologize to the people you have used to try to further your agenda.  You need to apologize to everyone you have lied to and lied about.  You need to admit that you’ve done wrong (I know this will be hard for you since you are a narcissist), and you need to promise to stop what you are doing.

The second thing you need to do is return every piece of money (except from the shirt sales as long as the shirts have been given to those who ordered) that people have donated to your cause or given you for the class-action that is not going to happen.  You need to stop blowing smoke up everyone’s asses, admit you were wrong and pay them back every dime you have received.

The third thing you need to do is either close Punished 4 Protecting completely, or stand down as Admin.  You know this Sandy, a child abuser has no right to run an “organization” against Child Abuse.   If you want Punished 4 Protecting to go on, you need to become just a member, pass the admin hat off to the people who haven’t been convicted of crimes against their children.  Whoever takes over as admin will have to register Punished 4 Protecting as a registered charity in order to start accepting donations.

I know you aren’t going to do any of this, because you can’t admit you were wrong, you can’t give people the chance to heal, and you know you will always be able to manipulate someone into believing you.  Which is why my next post will be a message for your victims.

You need to know, that this is not my hobby.  This is not my entertainment.  I am doing this because when you scam the world, you need to be publically outed.  Before there are more victims.


I have noticed recently a big increase in viewers of this blog.  And was wondering why…. But realized that facebook shares are an interesting thing.

When I started this blog I started it with no plan in mind really.  I started it hopeful that maybe one of the supporters would stumble across it and maybe not waste their time or money supporting her.  That was my hope.

My hope was to provide the truth, and an alternate way to view what she says, in order to show that she’s less than honest in everything she says.

My hope was that the people supporting her will allow her to hit rock bottom so that maybe she can get out of this state of mind that she’s been wronged, and start being the mother and co-parent her kids need.

Her kids would thrive with a healthy relationship with both parents.  At this point, she’s made this impossible.  My only hope, is that one day she will look at the 3 court decisions made against her.  One day she will look at the fact that she’s been arrested several times.  And that maybe one day she will stop poisoning her children’s minds and stop telling lies about others.

She needs to take a look at where she was in 2007, and what she’s become.

She needs to wake up and realize that when a police officer informs her that she’s violating a court order and could lose her children forever, that changing her last name on Facebook does not change the fact she’s still doing it.  Lying about her ex, and lying about anyone that disagrees with her, is not going to get her children back.  At this point I don’t think anything is going to get them back, because she refuses to see her awful behaviour as awful.

Publication Ban

I was provided with information that there was a publication ban imposed on Sandy’s Criminal Case.  I had assumed there was one, somehow imposed after July 7, 2017 since that was the last article I could find on her case.  There was an article on July 10, 2017 that referenced the publication ban.

Since Criminal Law is not where I’ve really spent any of my law experience time, I’ve looked up Publication Bans to determine what the media’s duty, and in a small extension of the media myself and people on social media’s responsibility to the publication ban.

In short, the publication ban means that after July 10, 2017, anything that gets reported after that cannot use her name.  If I am reporting about the Kidnapping, that had her name plastered all over the news, that is fine.  However, anything relating to the criminal proceedings past July 10, 2017 are not ok to put her name on.

I have not.  I don’t think that anyone else has either (that I have seen).  Even with the court orders identifying the children at some points by all three initials, I have used one to protect the children.  So, I’m not worried about your publication ban.  And I’m also not worried that Sandy will catch charges because of anyone else posting something.  Unless it can be traced back to her magnitude of fake profiles.

The Class Action Suit

I notice there are more people reading this.  I appreciate it, as I was hoping it would get the word out not to trust this con artist and not to let her use you to further her agenda.   The only thing that I stand to gain from this blog is to save people that are so desperate for a change in their situation that they blindly believe her lies and follow her.  Don’t waste your money giving it to her.  Don’t waste your energy supporting her.  Get help with your situation from almost anyone but her.  She’s not going to accomplish what she says.  But if you get help with your situation from another group, make sure you still don’t donate money to their cause unless it’s a registered charity in Canada.


The campaign is morphing beyond control.  Her new thing, is that they are going to have 100+ people participate in a class action.  All this information is now gleaned off screenshots of other groups that are now not for her.  Some of these leaders of the group actually donated money to her and heard nothing after.


Don’t donate money to an organization that has not made efforts to register themselves as a charity.  They don’t have to be accountable and when you have a child abuser running an anti- child abuse site.


Their current campaign idea is this class action lawsuit.  I use those words very loosely.   When she first started discussing this “class-action lawsuit”, she announced that they were all going to sue everyone at the same time.  That someone in her admin team was going to make an easy Statement of Claim that you would just need to plug your information into.  That no one needed a lawyer, and while it took some time it was essentially free.  I will address these lies in a minute.


Now, according to the other groups who still have some sort of access to Punished 4 Protecting (since she made it closed now), have stated that she is again looking for donations to help with this “Class Action”.


When Sandy first brought up the idea of a “Class Action” lawsuit she said that everyone was just going to run down to the courthouse with their papers and make sure that they would put everyone on them, from the Human Rights Commission, to the Judge in their case, lawyers, exes etc.  You get my drift.  Everyone who has wronged them.  While this is a lofty goal in itself, it really doesn’t fall under Class Action.  Here’s why:


  1. A Class Action lawsuit you have to have a lawyer represent you. There’s a lot of reasons for it.


  1. A Class Action lawsuit has all the plaintiffs on one lawsuit and the same defendants. It’s not a class action if everyone who files has different defendants.


  1. To be a class action lawsuit, it has to be approved by the courts.


Here are some more problems that I have with her lawsuit idea:


  1. Since this is not a Nationwide class action lawsuit as pointed out above, they are planning on getting one individual to work on the forms to make it easy.  What’s not easy, is court       forms.  If you go to Ontario to file a lawsuit, and you use Manitoba forms, you are not going to be successful.  The reason is, that all provinces have different forms.  It’s also the reason why lawyers cannot practice Canada wide, unless they have passed the bar in             the other provinces.


  1. It’s free and easy she said. Except it’s not and it’s not.  In Manitoba Statement of Claims            cost $250.00 to file.  That is the first document.  And Manitoba isn’t the only province                         with fees.  They all have fees.  So it’s not free nor easy.  Especially since they’re asking           for money from people to assist with preparing the documents.


This is as well thought out as her plan to go to Ottawa on January 3 to talk to Mr. Trudeau.  There’s not a chance.  I don’t care how many people you form a chain with.  You’re talking in the numbers of 100+ people 10,000+ emails acting like it’s a ton of people!  It’s not.   Your case is not the norm.  And usually, when people have been accused of alienating their children from their father, kidnapping them and jailed for a year, they start thinking that they need to act right.  So sad that you are such a narcissist you can’t see that.


She’s preying on people in desperate situations to fight her fight and feed her ego.  And destroy the father and the children in her wake.


Please don’t give her any money.  Please don’t give her any support.  She doesn’t need it.  She gets $1,600.00 in spousal support from the father and she needs to get a job.  Don’t feed into her sick games.

Fake News

The first indication that there was an issue with the two groups (to me) was a live feed by Sandy on Punished 4 Protecting.  She starts talking about how she’s been facing an attack by another group, a “father’s rights” group in Canada.  How they didn’t like her email letter (for more info on that read them on my earlier blog posts.   Essentially, she says that they were mad at her because she used the B.C. recent case, about the father that killed his girls.  They felt she also should have used one about a mother killing their kids, otherwise she was a “man-hating” group.   She said she’d spoken to one of the members for quite a while in private message until he got “too aggressive” for her liking, and then she blocked him.  Since then they have been attacking her by posting the media stories about her kidnapping her kids, and showing the link to one of her court decisions.


She says:  Don’t go there and comment, they’re going to assume you’re me anyways, and all the news is Fake News so if you have any questions about what happened, what they are posting is not true, don’t believe the media because Fake News and don’t believe the court decision because it’s wrong.  Though she was posting things about the BC case from the Court decision that wasn’t wrong.   She also states that she has a publication ban on her case right now, and anyone talking about it is going to get her in trouble with the law.  But Punished 4 Protecting needs to band together more than ever right now because Real Mothers of Canada is trying to rip them apart.


Real Mothers of Canada have done all that she has said.  Their point is why is this your leader of Punished 4 Protecting which is supposed to be about helping abused children, when she’s abused her children.  Why is she the leader when she ran into the police cruiser to try to escape when her children were in the car?  How was she punished 4 Protecting?

Reading that thread they had blocked a lot of comments.  The main ones they blocked are alias’s that are known to be hers apparently.  One of the ones mentioned was one of the ones I suspected.  Cass Kennedy.  She’s forever posting petitions to get Sandy’s children back or nasty memes about the father in her case.  Which is not helpful.


Now that I have posted about this “attack” AKA someone not liking Sandy Giesbrecht, I will post my thoughts on what she said.




We have a publication ban and if you post anything you are going to get me in trouble with the law = Certain things are banned from publication in her case, and therefore not available to the public.  She’s not supposed to post disparaging remarks about the father on social media, as per court order No. 1.  Neither is he, which he doesn’t.  There is no publication ban.  Any information that has been made public, and is still public like her court orders on Canlii can be published about.  And guess what?  If I was under a “publication ban” as she says, and say Joe Blow down the street commented something about my case, I would not get in trouble.  Do you know why?  Because I didn’t tell Joe Blow to comment.  The only way I would get in trouble, is if there was evidence that I told Joe to comment, and then he did.  That’s what would get me in shit.


Essentially, Sandy’s being dramatic because not everyone is agreeing with her.  Rightfully so.  They bring up a ton of good points.  They are in fact bringing up the same points I am by righting this blog.  Sandy is using people that are desperate for relief in their own situation, to further her agenda of attacking the father, making accusations about the father, to get her kids back with her.

Your antics didn’t work in court Sandy and they won’t work now.  It looks like there’s more people in the anti-Sandy army at this point.  You should probably step down as a leader against child abuse when you are the abuser.

My fear with the “Campaign”

Sandy is continuing her campaign, with wanton disregard for anyone else’s lives.  January 15, instead of the Human Rights Lawsuits, she’s now going forward with making a video to send in an email blitz, showing all the children and parents affected by Family Court in Canada.
There’s lots of problems with this.  Firstly, she’s encouraged anyone from anywhere to send a picture.  You don’t need to live in Canada.  So how is this an accurate representation of the Canadians affected?
The worst part about this is that she’s getting people that have more hope than her in getting their kids back, but have no knowledge of the law and are so desperate that they blindly are following, to break the law.  Legally, if your kid is still a part of Child Protection Proceedings, you can’t publically post their face, as that could identify a child in care.  It’s a public facebook page, and that’s breaking the law and could make these parents lose out on opportunities.

If you want to follow the crazy, that’s fine.  But please look into the laws people so you don’t fuck yourselves.